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I've been a member of the performers' wing of ACTRA for the past 20 years. From time to time, I play character parts in films made locally or do some voice-over work. (This is an eloquent way of echoing the time-honoured expression "Don't give up your day job!") In the 1980's, I played one scene with a young Kevin Costner in The Gunrunner, an absolute turkey about the gangster era in Montréal. For some wholly explicable reason, it never gets mentioned in Costner biographies. It bypassed the silver screen in favour of video distribution, and can occasionally be bought for $1.99 on the desperado rack at discount stores. Zellers in Ottawa sold one copy. (God bless you in your place of rest, Mom. I owe you $1.99!)

Save your money! Starring Derek Diorio and Dan Lalande As Don Caruso in Two's A Mob Late Night Live at Great Canadian Theatre Company



Actor, Character Voices, Accents
B.A. (Theatre), University of Ottawa

Languages spoken: English, French, Italian, Spanish. Accents: British (3 classes), Brooklyn, French, Hillbilly, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Russian, Scottish. Voices: Churchillian, W.C. Fields, Dracula, Sheldon Leonard, early Preston Manning, Santa Claus, Long John Silver. Memberships: ACTRA No. 05-01239. Agent: a.k.a. artists management, Ottawa. (613) 594-3474.

Film, Video, Multimedia

2003 - Climate Inc. (TV news anchor), Consul-Source, Sherbrooke.
2002 - A Taste of Jupiter (Mafia Don), Distinct Features, Ottawa.
1998 - Two's A Mob (Don Caruso), Distinct Features.
1996 - Video game voice-overs (gangster), Artech Entertainment.
1990 - Adventures in the War Room (voice-overs of Churchill and Russian spy), Charbonneau Productions/DND.
1989 - The Gunrunner (Scots Customs agent), New World Pictures.
1987 - Tony's Problem (Italian union president), Canadian Labour Congress.
1983 to 98- Narrator/actor in hi-tech/govt. marketing/training films.


2003 - Saturday Afternoon at the Opera (quiz panelist), CBC.
1998 - Saturday Afternoon at the Opera (quiz panelist), CBC.
1994 - All in a Day (opera panel), CBC, Ottawa.
1993 - Saturday Afternoon at the Opera (quiz panelist), CBC.
1988 - Psychotherapy (Dr. Shock/Dr. Kimo), CHEZ-FM, Ottawa.


2004 - Mann to Mann (shoe salesman), Distinct Features.
1992 - Double Time (voice of Churchill), Glenn-Warren Prods.
1988 - The King Chronicle (diplomat), CBC/NFB.
1986 - Noël Soleil (Scotsman), Suzanne Pinel Prod's, Ottawa.
1982 - A Christmas Carol (Scrooge's nephew), CBC national.


1983-2001: Can. Psychiatric Assoc., CFGO Radio, CS Co-op, Leduc Pontiac-Buick, Minto Place, Ottawa Spring Home Show, Ultramar, Wallack's, Dante Furnishings, Humane Society, Belisle Chev-Olds Cadillac.


1994 - Late Night Live (Mayor of Little Italy), Great Canadian Theatre Company, Ottawa.
1990 - Warts (Kevin MacLaine, political advisor), Great Canadian Theatre Company workshop.
1988 - Three Men on a Horse (Charlie, New York hood), Ottawa Little Theatre (OLT).
1987 to 97- Character roles in 15 murder mystery prod's, Eddie May Murder Mysteries, Ottawa.
1986 - Two for the Show (Murphy Martin, Irish janitor), Sock'n Buskin Theatre, Carleton University.
1985 - Major Barbara (Bilton, Cockney foreman), OLT.
1984 - Bedroom Farce (Trevor, British upper crust), OLT.
1983 - CBO Comedy Cabaret (farmer and British M.P.), Marc Prod's, Ottawa.
1982 - A Christmas Carol (Scrooge's nephew), OLT.
1981 - Da (Oliver, Irish country lad), OLT.
1980 - Roar Like a Dove (Bernard, Oxford socialite), OLT.
1980 - Shadow and Substance (Father Corr), Tara Players, Ottawa.
1979 - See How They Run (Russian spy), OLT.
1978 - The Day After the Fair (Charles Bradford, barrister), OLT.
1978 - A Man for All Seasons (Sir Richard Rich), OLT.
1977 - Murder at the Vicarage (Ronny Hawes, curate), OLT.
1977 - The Lion in Winter (King Philip of France), OLT.
1976 - The Changeling (Vermandero, nobleman), University of Ottawa.
1976 - Scenes from a Marriage - adaptation of Bergman film (Johann), U of O Drama Guild.
1975 - Caesar and Cleopatra (apprentice), Shaw Festival at National Arts Centre, Ottawa.


1994 - All in a Day (opera satire), CBC Radio, Ottawa.
1987 - CBO Radio Comedy Cabaret, Ottawa.

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