The True Facade of Cuba, or... Start the Evolution Without Me

"The atmosphere of Havana is nothing short of captivating. Following its daily struggle to attain a modicum of human dignity, the city strives at night to relive a glamour era when mobsters reigned, George Raft and Errol Flynn held court in casinos, and everyone danced the rumba 'til dawn in the hope they'd be the first to see the promised land at sunrise.

"The dance... by now a slow waltz... drags on..."

University of Havana, site of two of
my passions: studying Spanish and...

...vintage cars

Canons at El Castillo de los
Tres Reyes del Morro, 2002

My favourite panorama of Havana,
including Hotel Nacional (left), from
the top of Edificio FOCSA, 2003

Municipal guard assigned to the statue of John Lennon (!), 2004

El Vedado neighbourhood, with
Edificio FOCSA on the right, 2004

With Esther Borja, First Lady of
Song and Lecuona's diva of choice, in
retirement at age 90, Havana, 2004

The international health tourism centre
La Pradera, in suburban Siboney, Havana, 2004

Many of Cuba's Olympic Gold baseball heroes started out playing stickball in the street. La Habana Vieja (Old Havana), 2004.

Wollaton Hall (1588) in
my birthplace, Nottingham, 2003

England's earliest inn,
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem
(1189), Nottingham, 1997

The gate house of
Nottingham Castle, 2003

Council House, Market Square, Nottingham, 2003

Flying Horse Inn
(1483), Nottingham, 2003

My wife Marie at Newstead Abbey, Nottinghamshire, honeymoon 1997

Buckingham Palace from St. James Park, 2003

Edinburgh Castle, 2003

St. Mary's (1042), Attenborough,
Nottinghamshire, village of origin of my maternal ancestors, the Attenboroughs, 2003

In the Cotswolds, outside Bath, 1997

Photos by N. Kelly, owner of one
of Canada's last 1960 Ford Falcons
and proud dad to Vincent and

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