Writing and editing. I write speeches, articles, news releases, educational and promotional kits, newsletters, Web content, brochures, a/v scripts, style guides and prestige correspondence. My editing service covers the same material, from light touchups to substantive revision. I also finetune speeches (often called "spindoctoring"), essays and research papers.

Internet research. My most recent assignment involved a search of potential markets for self-help programs in Hispanic countries, conducted for a Web-based personal wellness institute. Part of the work was done in Havana in 2004.

Translation. I've adapted articles, non-scientific reports, lectures, publicity material and speeches for the departments of Canadian Heritage, Citizenship and Immigration, and Human Resources Development; for the Faculty of Education and the School of Social Work at the University of Ottawa; the Canadian Hunger Foundation; and for the communications firm Textuel in Montréal. Although I don't belong to a professional association of translators, nobody has told me over the past 20 years to stop! I benefitted from my father's nomadic Air Force career and began learning French at the age of seven. My French-language skills ranking is Exempt/Exempt/C (Public Service Commission of Canada test, 1992; the C indicates "superior"). For client comments from Textuel, click on "The Reviews Are In."

I've translated Spanish-language booklets on literacy and rural libraries for the Canadian Organization for Development through Education (CODE), and course documentation for the International Aviation Management Training Institute in Montréal. In 2003 and 2004, I studied intermediate Spanish in the Foreign Languages Faculty at the University of Havana.

Clear Prose Consultation. This is my alternative to plain language consulting. I think this movement has been led astray and often robs our beautiful language of its ability to inspire people to "read on." What was viewed in the 1980's as a move towards ready comprehension has, in my opinion, gone too far. Now, so much government and corporate documentation lacks colour that even "common denominator" readers may lose interest.

To be clear doesn't mean to be dull. If a client wishes to reach a wide readership with varying literacy levels, I suggest "Tone down, don't dumb down."

Proofreading. Any type of proofing or text comparison (including non-technical French, Spanish and Italian).

My federal government security clearance is "Secret - Level II" and is valid until 2013. I'm registered with Consulting and Audit Canada and PWGSC/Contracts Canada. I hold dual Canadian/British citizenship.

Writing the "verse" in versatile since 1995

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